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Geocol Consultores was established on September 12, 1992 for the purpose of contributing to the national economy, its sustainable development and the generation of employment, through the provision of services in different areas of consultancy.

The Company has more than 26 years of experience in the provision of Consultancy Services in the areas of Environmental Studies and Social Management; External Auditing of projects (Technical, Environmental, Social, Industrial Safety and Occupational Health) including: seismic prospecting, well drilling, and the design and supervision of civil works; Civil and Environmental Engineering Studies and Designs, Project Management and Archeology.

Our strategies and commitments are aligned with the ten universal principles on human rights, labor standards, environmental and anti-corruption issues.

Geocol Consultores is recognized for its good Social Responsibility practices, which are underpinned by company policies and verified by FENALCO SOLIDARIO CORPORATION.


Provide consultancy services on environmental, social, geological, geophysical areas as well as in comprehensive auditing, supervision and design of civil  works, with the aim of providing solutions to the needs of our clients, while ensuring the integrity of the people, processes and activities, along with the generation of responsible and environmentally sustainable economic growth, all in the pursuit of excellence.


By the year 2020 be the leading company in the provision of consultancy services in different sectors of the national economy and enter international markets on the basis of our experience and  human capital, always upholding our sustainable development policies.