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GEOCOL was established and began providing consulting services on September 12, 1992 for the purpose of contributing to the growth of our national economy, sustainable development, and the generation of employment, while providing services in different areas of geology.

GEOCOL offers 25 years of experience in the provision of consulting services in Environmental Studies and Social Management Programs, Supervision and Auditing in the Technical, Environmental, Social, Industrial Safety and Occupational Health areas of Seismic Acquisition Projects, Wells, Civil Works, and Civil and Environmental Engineering Studies and Designs.

The Company’s strength is based on the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our work, as evidenced by the fact that companies of national and international standing have become our main and loyal customers. 


Provide consulting services in Socio-Environmental Studies,  Civil Works, Geological and Geophysical, for the different objectives of those companies that require them to develop their economic activity, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the country, while generating the social, economic, intellectual and motivational wellbeing of each internal clients of the organization.


GEOCOL  CONSULTORES S.A. is focused on being recognized in 2015 as a leading service company in the hydrocarbon sector, and position in minning, infrastructure and energy; also enter the internacional market relying on experiencia, gained recognition and human resourses, and generate new business lines that contribute to the achivement of objective.

 gestion y medio ambiente

Gestión y Medioambiente S.A.S is a laboratory that performs sampling and analysis of ambient air quality, ambient noise measurements, weather conditions and surface water sampling (in situ parameters and flow capacity) pursuant to the technical procedures established by EPA and AWWA methods, adopted by national legislation and used for the preparation of technical reports on legal compliances applicable to the customers primarily in the hydrocarbons sector.



gq ingeniería



GQ INGENIERÍA LIMITADA is a Colombian company that provides services relative to technical, industrial and environmental safety supervision and auditing, provides environmental consulting services, as well as services in the areas of the surveying, civil works design and construction under the highest quality standards. The Company employs qualified and well trained personnel who are always seeking benefits for both, their internal and external customers.

At Geocol Consultores S.A. we sincerely care about personnel; therefore, we are constantly fostering the personal and professional development of our staff so they can be highly qualified to face the requirements and dynamics of the market.

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